What is the meaning of Cherrygirl?

The expression “cherry girl” originates from the Philippines. It refers to the vagina of a woman as a “cherry” fruit. If a woman still possesses that fruit she is a “cherry girl” or the equal of a virgin who has never had sex. In common use it mostly refers to a woman that is not available for sex – or one that wants to sell her first sexual experience for a lot of money to an mostly older patron.

Adult entertainment venues mark their cherrygirls with a “V” on their working IDs as required by the government. Some people say the hole expression is just a hoax that is mostly used by women to drive away potential admirers when they don’t feel sympathy towards them or when adult hostesses have their menstruation. In adult entertainment venues it may also refer to a Filipina woman who is scared to have a relationship with a foreigner, since they are believed to be bigger down there. The exact meaning and interpretation of this term needs to be defined by individual circumstances. The term is also used in other Asian countries such as Korea and Thailand.

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  1. It’s all a hoax and a way to extort funding from innocent foreigners. Most cherries are fake or expired or they pay money to keep the red “V” on their ID cards.

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