Finding a Bride from The Philippines

There are many ways to date women here in The Philippines. The easey way is probably by using free smart phone apps to test the waters. Generally, Filipino people are very open minded and easy to connect with. They love to meet up with foreigners. Anybody with decent communication skills should find it a breeze to hook up and select dates with a little help from those dating apps. One of the growing apps in Asia is Skout.

Filipina posing
The looks one gets from a Filipina girlfriend every day: Demanding talaga!

Those who are interested in more serious relationships may want to look into Love Me introduction services. This website was been around for over 20 years. It is probably the longest running website for mail order brides from The Philippines, Russia, Ukraine and Colombia. Love Me maintains large catalogs of men and women who are seeking life partners. One of the key items that sets them apart from most other online dating agencies are their events and seminars in various countries. A selection of best looking Filipinas is available on a Tumblr Blog that we will be revealing with the next update. Stay curious and hungry!

What is the meaning of Cherrygirl?

The expression “cherry girl” originates from the Philippines. It refers to the vagina of a woman as a “cherry” fruit. If a woman still possesses that fruit she is a “cherry girl” or the equal of a virgin who has never had sex. In common use it mostly refers to a woman that is not available for sex – or one that wants to sell her first sexual experience for a lot of money to an mostly older patron. Continue reading “What is the meaning of Cherrygirl?”